Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simpson products field trip

Today we went on a field trip to a Simpson products place and I am going to tell you a little bit about what we learned.
This is a picture of us in the car on the way there.

These are the seat belts that the drivers use to stay locked in. The next picture will be of what the driver would look like if he had all of the seat belts on.

They also have a HANS device which stands for head and neck system to protect the drivers head and neck. This is a picture of me wearing the HANS device.

We saw some people sewing parachutes together too. A picture of a parachute:

They use a parachute for drag racing. We saw the layers of a helmet too and the girl who is in charge of that is named Dora. Here is me with the shell of a helmet on and the helmet when it is finished on me.

We saw the helmets when they were painted too. They come in all different kinds of colors.


The guy who was in charge of the painting was named Sandiago. 

This is a picture of Bill Simpson, the owner of Simpson products. He had made a fire retardant suit but no one believed him so he put on the suit, put gas all over him, and lit himself on fire for 5-10 seconds to prove it. I had an amazing time and we even got goodie bags at the end.

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