Thursday, June 27, 2013

2nd Year

Today I went to my 3rd practice for my 2nd year of choir. There were some new kids at practice but I'm not surprised because there are always new kids at the start of the year. I'm friends with 4 1 years already. there names are Azakiah, Samantha, Megan, and Hope. How I became friends with Azakiah is we have solfege camp and we were saying our birthday month. his was the same as mine, June. so I ask him what his date was and he said the 12th. Mine is the 14th. hes a couple years older than me though. And from that day on we just hung out with each other every time we see us. How became friends with Samantha is I helped her out with her music and then we liked each other. Megan knew about this wedding type of mood ring where it tells you if your single or something like that in certain ways or the hand you put it on. And then we became friends. And Hope, I just met today and she needed us to pick her up and bring her to a fundraiser with us. Me and her talked a lot and all of a sudden, bam! me and her were friends. TO BE CONTINUED...      

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