Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 Last night I had a very bad dream. There was a huge casino and we went to it. My mom said she would spend 3,000 dollars on me, my brother, and my sister for games. There was one game where all the dummies do is go up, down, and sideways. But you weren't supposed to go in there. It cost 500 dollars. Now Lucas ( my brother) thought you were supposed to go in there so that's what he did. All the workers came and used all their tools to get him out. Mommy said,"Try opening the door, "and he tried but it was locked. I went and tried to open the door and it was opened but one of the workers closed the door and yelled at me. When they got Lucas out they started beating him with a huge tongue. And then I woke up from the bad dream. Our cat brings us lizard and snake heads all the time. Well I was about to step on a frog in my room. I yelled,"MOMMY, THE CAT BROUGHT US ANOTHER SURPRISE!!!!!!!!". She grabbed a cup and a paper plate and came into my room. While she was grabbing the cup and the paper plate, the frog jumped under my bed. IT WAS ALIVE!!!!Mom caught it and put it outside. Super mommy saves the day!( for the 1,000,000 time)

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