Tuesday, February 25, 2014

cool, no, beyond AWSOME!

Yesterday I went on a insect feildtrip with friends and it was, well, just beyond AWESOME. First, we ate a meal worm and I actually had two, funny story because at first I didn't think I would like it. I got put on the news for doing it. we discovered a lot about bugs and I actually got to touch some of the bugs like a millipede, hissing cockroach, and a stink bug. I had the chance to touch another one but I didn't take it. Next, we made something that could float on water. Then, we played a little game two times where you have to follow the clues on your page and match it with the papers on the floor and you end up with an insect getting a prize for your hard work, I got a pretend millipede and named it Millie. I also made a maggot painting where you have to put six drops of any paint color, and then put maggots on the paper and they will go in the paint and make footprints on the paper. After that, we made something with two straws leading to a container where you hold the bug or insect you want, for example a termite. A termite is blind but has a great sense of smell and is attracted to ink because it moisturizes them, same with ants so if you want your pet ant or termite to excersize you just draw a circle on your paper and it will keep going. I also made a butterfly and tasted honey samples getting to pick which one I thought was best which was the raw honey and my friends agreed. and then nothing was better than the cockroach race.then we had to leave but we went to the book store to get books on insects. We also went to a store with a lot of fruits and vegetables. We talked with everyone there and everyone there was nice. the store owner gave two free apples and said for me to give one to my sister and that they tasted good. At first I didn't know what he was talking about but then, I looked over to my friend and found out he was talking about her. He was really nice and right, those were good apples.
You can check out a story about my field trip here.

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