Monday, August 25, 2014


This summer I went to France and it was always 80 degrees with a little bit of air conditioning. I didn't sleep on the plane and before we saw our hotel we had to performances with my choir because I went to France with my choir.  We had a performance almost every day and the days we didn't we had to go on a tour. Don't get me wrong it was all fun, just a little bugs that's all. We couldn't open the windows on the bus and one day the bus didn't have air conditioning and we were stuck in traffic, it took us an hour to get to Paris. My favorite part was the Eiffel Tower because it was cool and even though I was afraid of heights, on the Eiffel Tower I could say the houses look like ants. And it was so beautiful. The main reason we went there was because of the 70th anniversary of D-Day.
 We left France and then we went to Colarado to go see my Mima. It was really fun. We got to see my cousins Bonnie and Maston. I play guitar and so does Maston so we made a good team. Me and Bonnie had fun together too. And I can't forget my Aunt Claudia cause she was awesome too. We all had fun together and that was probably the best trip for the whole summer.
 After that we went to North Carolina for American legion baseball because daddy worked with the staff. I was kind of part of the staff too helping everyone like an assistant. When I wasn't working I watched the game with my mommy. We all had fun. My friends there were named Lynn, John, DJ, Judy, Ba, Stephanie and more. We went to some houses on the way back like my aunt Jenny's house and my Mima house. Also my friends house. Here are some pics.

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  1. that is so cool. you got the opportunity to go to paris!!! the reason i want to go is because of the food :)..... JK