Thursday, August 28, 2014


At first when you see your little brother or sister when they are a baby, you think the're so cute, but as they grow up they can bother you a little bit. I have a little sister, her name is Emaleigh and she is six, if you want to see her blog just click on this link I also have a younger brother, his name is Lucas and he is eight, if you want to see his blog go to this link Here's some advice with little brothers, don't get them mad, they are stronger than you think. And advice with little sisters, don't even pretend to push her because she will play the cuteness card on mommy and daddy and those people will punish you, of course you are supposed to get punished for that so... well, you get the idea. Besides that though they are pretty fun. My brother is super funny and my sisters cuteness card works, she is adorable. Sometimes, when they are not so crazy, we make a good team. And the best part is that through them trying to get on your nerves, they still love you. they are my best friends and always will be, I love you Lucas and Emaleigh!!!

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  1. Awww, that is awesome and know that it can be hard to get along with siblings, but we will always have a spot in our heart for them :)