Monday, September 1, 2014


I have talked about my parents and my siblings, but I haven't really told you about animals. I have a dog named Chela and I have a cat named Blanca. It is funny how they get along so well. They are the best. I am a huge animal lover. My favorite animal is a dog, but I still care for cats, birds, and even lions. I don't really have a deep love for bugs, but I like to learn about them. And even if I don't like bugs, I feel bad for them because they always get squished. There is a song my choir sings and it is called cockroach. The song is about how we all hate the cockroach, but what if one of them was kind. We would probably still smash it right? Well, it wouldn't be fair to the cockroach. I am not blaming any of you. You probably have a fear of a cockroach just as much as I have a fear of spiders. One time, there was a huge spider in my room. I was scared of it, but I didn't kill it. It wasn't doing anything to me so it would be unfair to the spider. It went away, then it came back and eventually we did kill it. But it still was mean and unfair. What I say is, what if you were that spider. Would you want someone to kill you even if you weren't doing anything. Usually what we do is get a napkin, pick it up and put it outside. So if there is a bug in your house, instead of killing it, put it outside with a napkin because if you do that, it's a win,win.

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