Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving break

For thanksgiving break we went to our friends Kari and Michael's house in Louisiana. We stayed there for four days and had a lot of fun. They live next to train tracks so we smashed a few pennies. They also live next to a park. At the park we found a cool bench. It is shaped like a Saturn ring aitnd it spins. We turned it into a game called the ring of fire. In this game you stand on the bench trying to knock people off and the last one standing wins. My sister cheats by laying down and holding onto the bench. That night we met with a friend named Scott bourgeois. The next day it was Thanksgiving and we went to my Mima's house. Our cousin's, aunt, and uncle were there too.The thanksgiving food was great. Our family and friends played outside a lot. At the end of the day we built a fire and watched football. The day after that we have family pictures taken by my aunt and went to my mom's friend named Zach's house. We also had a big get together with my mom's high school friends. I had a lot of fun. The last day we went to our friend Abbie's house to play. Her son's were named Falcon and Clay. Her husband is in the band 311 and his name is Aaron. After that we went to my second cousin's sweet 16/cancer free party and had a blast. Her name was Berkeley. This trip was awesome from the start.

There are more pictures I just don't have enough room to put all of them on.

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