Friday, January 23, 2015

The Toyota Tundra Plant

Today in homeschool, I went on a field trip to the Toyota tundra plant. Here is some information about it.

It takes 20 hours to make one truck.
Before the workers start working they stretch for 6 minutes.
Up to 3,000 people work one shift and since there are two shifts a day, 6,000 people work a day.
The workers can build about 430 trucks in 8 hours.
The robots do most of the painting on the trucks.
There are 4 coats of paint on each truck. In order they are ED, Primary, base, and clear.
The workers have a robot they call Zilla because it can pick up 1500 pounds.
There is only 1 Toyota tundra plant.
The workers work 10-11 hours a shift.
About 50% of the workers drive a Toyota.
The workers are starting to produce Toyota Tacomas.
Most of the Tacomas are made at the Toyota tundra plant.
The rest of the Tacomas are made in Baja California which is actually is in Mexico.
When a worker needs help, they pull a white string and music sounds out through the plant.

Now for the pictures me and my mom took.

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