Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break

 For my spring break I went to New Orleans, LA. A lot of my family were there too! We all slept in my Mima's house and it was fairly small. On the trip there, we went with my Aunt's family in their car. We got Buc-ees on the way too. When I got to my Mima and Papa's home, I was greeted by my Mima, two cousins, Aunt, and Papa. That same day, my mom's cousin came and visited for a while. The next day, we went to a Saint Patrick's parade and had a lot of fun. Before the parade we went to a party that was fun too! Before the party, we had breakfast with one of my moms friends. The day after that, we went to two parks, a restraunt, and had ice cream and snow cones. After that day, we went to the zoo. The last day we were there, we went to the bowling alley. After bowling we just dance to our favorite songs and I learned the wobble. On the way back to Mima and Papa's house from the bowling alley, we listened to Joan Jett. I also did some sewing with my Mima from time to time. On the way to go to my home, I watched Big Hero 6 and we got Buc-ees again. I had a fun filled Spring Break. Here are some pictures.

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