Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Ligons

Today we didn't just have fun, we had fun with the Ligon's family. First we went to the same church as the Ligon's family. Our church is awesome. Pastor Greg is in the Ligon's family. At bibleland Mr. Ross told the story and I think he is the best story teller ever. We went over the rules. The first rule was don'teth talketh during Mr. Rosseseth talking eth eth. The second rule was keep your nose hairs and turtles to yourself. The thurd rule was actually good advice. The good advice was don't sit on an onion being chased by a pink gorilla. After church, we went to Raising Canes with the Ligons.  Lunch was delicious.  I had lemonade to drink.  Then we went to the rodeo grounds with, you guessed it, the Ligons.  There we went to the HEB Buddy farm. Next we went shoot BB guns. Then we saw a show with, you know, the Ligons, and it was funny because Dogs were jumping off of a dock and seeing how far they could go. Some of them didn't actually jump off but some of them jumped as far as 21 feet. The one I thought was the cutest was named Jazelle. I can't remember the one who won. Then, as Mr. Greg says, we went to "THE GREATEST CARNIVAL ON EARTH" we made it. We went on the fun slide and my sister and father went on the whatever you call it, the carousel. We had so much fun with the Ligons and I Hope we can have another family date with them.

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