Saturday, March 2, 2013

Marathon and birthday

Today my legs are so sore. I ran a 1k and a sixth of a 5k. And then after the k's I got to eat a lot and jump on a jumping castle. I first had a drink of a bottle of water. Next I had a half of a do-nut. Then I cheered for my Aunt B when she finished the race. Then I had a breakfast taco from Chapotle. After that I went on the jumping castle. And last I packed up and went to my home in San Antonio. When we got home first I had steak. Then I had ice cream while I watched Here Comes The Boom. Wait a minute. Did I tell you it was my moms birthday two days ago? She is turning 38. If my moms reading this, Happy Birthday MOMMY!!!! My moms a great mom. I love her. Today was a good day.

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